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Bloody Omaha (VFX Breakdown)



The success of this viral VFX breakdown was the pivotal moment when Compost Creative was formed.

For BBC 2's ‘Timewatch: Bloody Omaha’, we wanted to provide a moving insight into the U.S veterans’ memories of storming Omaha Beach.

Team Compost headed out to Omaha Beach for 4 days, armed with a Z1 camera, a pop up greenscreen, some soldier uniforms, and 2 rubber rifles (we couldn't afford 3). We begun the process of covering the beach (with the camera on the cliff top), and re-enacting the veterans’ moving accounts. When back in London (and back in our real day jobs) we began to piece together all we’d shot using Adobe After Effects (and a little 3D modelling in Maya) to turn the 3 of us into the entire invading U.S. army. 6 weeks later the work was completed.

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